Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Working with the city

We are so happy to be able to work so closely with our city. When they need our services we are the first ones they call. It's awesome to see the community come together and help each other out.

Family Friendly

We are closer than just coworkers, we are a work family. Everyone is always willing to help one another and it makes for a smooth running business. You'll usually catch a kid or pet running around our office in the afternoons!

Lunch & Learn

A lot of people do not know the process of water, fire, mold or bio hazard damage so we offer to come in and do a lunch and learn to help insurance agents and property managers understand exactly what we do. People feel more comfortable with the process when they know what's going on.

Our Owners

Our three owners Joe, Juan and Steve set a great example for the rest of us. We are a great company because we have three strong leaders that help sculpt us into the professionals that we are.

Equipment Check

Carlos representing SERVPRO of N. Vista/ San Marcos in a customers home. Carlos does equipment checks to make sure they are operating correctly and getting the job done on time!

Before and After Mold Damage

This was a mold damage job. Originally we were called in for water damage that had occurred after a water heater had leaked. After further inspection we found that there was a significant amount of mold damage on both the dry wall and the frame behind it. Along with the mold damage we found the remnants of a rats nest. We quickly put up a plastic barrier and sealed in the effected area. The purpose of this is to contain the mold and stop it from becoming air born. Once that was completed we set up an air scrubber which uses a hepa filter and ran the negative air out of the house. We then demoed the water damaged and mold damaged drywall and removed it along with what was left over from the nest using all the proper equipment such as our respirators and PPE suits . After that we wire brushed the mold effected areas of the studs and then scrubbed the whole area clean using a disinfectant and finally did a final vacuum with a hepa vac. Safety comes first during a mold damage job.