General Photo Gallery

Company Photo

This is our company photo of 2015. We take pride in our technicians. If you have a fire damage or water damage emergency you can feel safe knowing the restoration professional's have your back.

Customer Satisfaction Certificate

At SERVPRO of North Vista and San Marcos customer satisfaction is of the upmost importance. We understand the enormous amount of stress that a home fire or flood can cause our customers. When we receive an emergency call due to water damage, mold damage, or fire damage we do all we can to ensure that the remediation process is as comfortable as possible for you. So you can rest assured that if you have a water, mold or fire emergency cleanup that SERVPRO of North Vista and San Marcos his hear to help

Some of our equipment

This is a photo of some of the air movers and dehumidifiers that we use on water damage jobs. On a mold damage job we only use the dehumidifiers and air scrubbers not the air movers because you don't want the mold to be air born where it will spread and is hazardous to ones health. For water damage that doesn't have any mold we put the air movers in to blow the water up in the air and then the dehumidifiers dry it out of the air. For every job situation we have the right tools and equipment needed to get it done.