Photo Gallery

Working with the city

We are so happy to be able to work so closely with our city. When they need our services we are the first ones they call. It's awesome to see the community come together and help each other out.

Family Friendly

We are closer than just coworkers, we are a work family. Everyone is always willing to help one another and it makes for a smooth running business. You'll usually catch a kid or pet running around our office in the afternoons!

Lunch & Learn

A lot of people do not know the process of water, fire, mold or bio hazard damage so we offer to come in and do a lunch and learn to help insurance agents and property managers understand exactly what we do. People feel more comfortable with the process when they know what's going on.

Our Owners

Our three owners Joe, Juan and Steve set a great example for the rest of us. We are a great company because we have three strong leaders that help sculpt us into the professionals that we are.


This is a photo of our wall when you first walk into our office. We have all of our owners certificates of completion and license's posted. We are very proud of all of their accomplishments.

Mutual Respect

All around our office we have posters of motivational words and posters of the importance of excellent service, fairness and respect to everyone. We treat our office staff like family. We want work to be a place of support.

SERVPRO Convention Booth

Last month SERVPRO of N. Vista/ San Marcos represented SERVPRO at a State Farm convention. We got to meet and greet many State Farm agents directing them to the appropriate SERVPRO representative in their area. The agents travel to Irvine from Hawaii to New York and from our local area of Escondido. We discussed water damage from their insured and how to go about it. It was a great day!

SERVPRO and State Farm!

Here we have Tim working our SERVPRO booth at the State Farm convention. Tim is our repairs manager. He gave the agents that peace of mind that their insured will still be taken care of after the water damage is mitigated and the area is prepared for repairs. 

Supportive Team

Do you ever worry about your belongings being safely handled during an emergency? 

Recently experienced a storm in your area that caused water damage? Our Pack out Division has the skills and techniques to get your contents safely transported to our SERVPRO climate controlled storage facility.

Once our mitigation team is complete, we return those items to you! With our strategic Pack out techniques we are able to place those items back in your home "Like it never even happened." 

Call SERVPRO of N. Vista/ San Marcos for all of your pack out needs(760)758-3454

Storm Loss

SERVPRO has a large loss response team that is here to serve any large loss commercial needs. During a large storm disaster SERVPRO corporate sends out a "sea of green" which is when all the SERVPROS from across the country come together to help during a large storm disaster

It's amazing to see all the help that comes together. SERVPRO of N. Vista/ San Marcos is dedicated to helping you in your time of need (760)758-3454

Call Us First To Lower Chances Of Mold Growth!

When there is a flood and the water sits for an extended period of time it creates a breeding ground for mold growth. If there is a moisture issue in the building or home due to water intrusion, roof leaks, or poor humidity control, it is important to be aware of the following:

  • Visible mold.
  • A strong musty odor could indicate mold presence.
  • Evidence of past moisture issues that could indicate previous mold growth.
  • Excessive humidity. 

If you suspect mold in your home call SERVPRO of N. Vista/ San Marcos today! (760)758-3454

Call Us First To Limit Your Chances Of Mold!

At SERVPRO of N. Vista/ San Marcos we know prompt mitigation is VITAL to avoid mold growth, which can be visible in as little 24 to 48 hours under certain

Defense Against Mold Growth:

  • Keep the humidity between 30% and 60%
  • Provide proper drainage away from building foundations
  • Keep gutters and drains clear of debris
  • Inspect roofs, windows and other areas where water might enter the building
  • Respond to all water intrusions immediately
  • Contact SERVPRO of N. Vista/ San Marcos for assistance after a water damage or if you discover mold

Our 24 hour emergency line is ready for your call (760)758-3454

Smoke Sponge

When there is smoke damage in your home you may be able to smell it but you won't always see it. Our smoke sponges help us to see if there is smoke damage. We wipe the sponge on a wall that has suspected damage and if the sponge turns a darker color then it tells us that there is in fact damage to the walls. As you see in the picture this wall will need to be cleaned. Cleaning soot off of the walls will help alleviate the strong smoke smell as well so they can breathe nice clean air again.

Stove Fire

This family’s Vista home suffered from a fire caused by a stove fire. It’s always devastating when a family experiences a house fire, but SERVPRO of N. Vista/ San Marcos worked hard to recover the structure and contents. We were able to remove the soot and even the smell of the smoke from the home, so that the family returned to a safe, clean space. Our goal is always to make your home “Like it never even happened.” 

Smoke and soot facts:

  • Hot smoke migrates to cooler areas and upper levels of a structure.
  • Smoke flows around plumbing systems, seeping through the holes used by pipes to go from floor to floor.
  • The type of smoke may greatly affect the restoration process.

Have Questions about Fire, Smoke, or Soot Damage?
Call Us Today – 

Flooring Removed

The washer in this home started leaking and it flowed into the kitchen area from the hallway. The wood flooring had to be pulled up because it soaked up most of the water.

Drywall Removal

In this home water came down the floor and the lower wall soaked I up. The dry wall became mushy and soaked up most of the water but we came in and removed the wet wall space and dried out the inside with our air movers.

Storm Relief

When there's a storm disaster, SERVPRO sends out a "sea of green". SERVPROs from across the country pull together to relieve the residents in that specific area. Our SERVPRO has dispatched our crews to Northern California, Arizona, Texas and many more. We truly come together as a team when people are in need.

Drying It Out

After the flooring is pulled up we set our machines out to dry the areas properly. The machines are left on for different amounts of time depending on the amount of water that affected the area.

Completely Dry

When there's a flood the water finds its way into all the cracks and underneath the flooring. It's always important to pull the flooring up and dry it out completely so there is no room for mold to grow.

Equipment Check

Carlos representing SERVPRO of N. Vista/ San Marcos in a customers home. Carlos does equipment checks to make sure they are operating correctly and getting the job done on time!

Smoke Damage Hiding On Your Walls

You may not always be able to see smoke damage but I guarantee you can smell it. We have special sponges to detect the amount of soot that is sitting on the walls.

Contain Your Work!

We use containments often to keep a disaster from traveling to the next room. When we have to remediate mold, the containment is important so the mold spores do not spread to the rest of the rooms and home. SERVPRO of N. Vista/ San Marcos does work the right way!

Drying Underneath

SERVPRO doesn't just dry things out on surface level. If the water sits and becomes absorbed it's important to get to that bottom layer of damage. If the water underneath the flooring sits it can grow mold and start a whole other issue. SERVPRO of N. Vista/ San Marcos will get to the root of the problem and fix it the right way!

Work Hard, Play Hard

One of our favorite things to do is to go paintballing with our whole company. It a great way to bring us closer and goof off. We love having these get togethers to let all of our people know how much we appreciate the work they do. We couldn't do what we do without each and every one of them. They all play a key aspect in our business operations. Thank you team!!


This is a common thing we see every day but for a home owner it's usually the first time they've experienced this. It can be a traumatic situation seeing your own room full of water. Here at SERVPRO of N. Vista/ San Marcos we are there to alleviate the situation and take the stress away from our customers.


Here's a photo of our guys working hard. Always dressed professionally wearing the SERVPRO uniform. We always have our SERVPRO logos visible because people trust our brand! SERVPRO of N. Vista/ San Marcos!

Top Performer

We are proud to be a top performer in the Contractors Connection Convention for the last 10 years! We take pride in the work that we do and it doesn't go unnoticed!

Water Extraction

Here is a photo of one of our employees extracting water from a bathroom that flooded. The flooring had to be torn out from being too damaged. A small leak can turn into a large disaster.

Drying It Out!

Our equipment is top of the line. We are well overprepared for any size flood. It's important to start the dry out process as soon as possible to insure the least amount of damage. 

Our Trucks

You can see our bright green trucks from a mile away! You can feel good about the work being done inside your home when a SERVPRO bright green and orange truck or van is parked in front of it! Our vehicles stand out just like the work we do in residential and commercial. When you call us, you are calling the professionals to help you.

Before and After Photo (Fire & Water Damage)

This is a series of before and after photos of a residential fire in Carlsbad, CA.  This homeowner had a small fire ignite in their garage.  As you can see in the before picture, there was considerable smoke and soot damage to large portions of the garage walls and ceilings.  The smoke damage and odor also affected the entire remaining portion of the property connected to the garage. Unfortunately, when the firefighters responded and put out the fire they also caused additional water damage to the homeowner's property and walls in the garage.  Luckily SERVPRO of N.Vista/San Marcos was able to handle all of the fire, smoke, and water damage and make things appear ...."like it never happened" as shown in the after photo.

Company Photo

This is our company photo of 2015. We take pride in our technicians. If you have a fire damage or water damage emergency you can feel safe knowing the restoration professional's have your back.

Customer Satisfaction Certificate

At SERVPRO of North Vista and San Marcos customer satisfaction is of the upmost importance. We understand the enormous amount of stress that a home fire or flood can cause our customers. When we receive an emergency call due to water damage, mold damage, or fire damage we do all we can to ensure that the remediation process is as comfortable as possible for you. So you can rest assured that if you have a water, mold or fire emergency cleanup that SERVPRO of North Vista and San Marcos his hear to help

Before and After Photo (fire damage)

This is a photo of a fire damage job we had in Fallbrook. The fire started from their chimney. Here at SERVPRO of North Vista/ San Marcos we understand what a horrible experience it is to have a home fire or a home flood and of the damage that results from it. In southern California we all know of the damage fires can do. Our focus is on the homeowner or business owner going through such a tragic events. After a home fire theres soot and smoke damage that gets through the ventilation and contaminates the whole house. So along with removing the damaged contents we also do a deep clean through out the whole house. Scrubbing the walls and using special equipment to clean out the ventilation.

Before and After Mold Damage

This was a mold damage job. Originally we were called in for water damage that had occurred after a water heater had leaked. After further inspection we found that there was a significant amount of mold damage on both the dry wall and the frame behind it. Along with the mold damage we found the remnants of a rats nest. We quickly put up a plastic barrier and sealed in the effected area. The purpose of this is to contain the mold and stop it from becoming air born. Once that was completed we set up an air scrubber which uses a hepa filter and ran the negative air out of the house. We then demoed the water damaged and mold damaged drywall and removed it along with what was left over from the nest using all the proper equipment such as our respirators and PPE suits . After that we wire brushed the mold effected areas of the studs and then scrubbed the whole area clean using a disinfectant and finally did a final vacuum with a hepa vac. Safety comes first during a mold damage job.

Before and After Water Damage

This is a before and after series of photos from a water damage claim from a customer in San Marcos, CA. The leak came from a bathroom located up stairs and traveled down to the main living area of the house. Water can be an incredibly destructive element as it finds its way through cracks and crevices and affects area that can't be seen. The key to limiting water damage is to first stop the cause of the leak and then to get a certified water remediation company, like SERVPRO of N.Vista/San Marcos out as fast as possible to contain and control the spread of the water damage.

Some of our equipment

This is a photo of some of the air movers and dehumidifiers that we use on water damage jobs. On a mold damage job we only use the dehumidifiers and air scrubbers not the air movers because you don't want the mold to be air born where it will spread and is hazardous to ones health. For water damage that doesn't have any mold we put the air movers in to blow the water up in the air and then the dehumidifiers dry it out of the air. For every job situation we have the right tools and equipment needed to get it done.