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Call Us First To Lower Chances Of Mold Growth!

When there is a flood and the water sits for an extended period of time it creates a breeding ground for mold growth. If there is a moisture issue in the building or home due to water intrusion, roof leaks, or poor humidity control, it is important to be aware of the following:

  • Visible mold.
  • A strong musty odor could indicate mold presence.
  • Evidence of past moisture issues that could indicate previous mold growth.
  • Excessive humidity. 

If you suspect mold in your home call SERVPRO of N. Vista/ San Marcos today! (760)758-3454

Call Us First To Limit Your Chances Of Mold!

At SERVPRO of N. Vista/ San Marcos we know prompt mitigation is VITAL to avoid mold growth, which can be visible in as little 24 to 48 hours under certain

Defense Against Mold Growth:

  • Keep the humidity between 30% and 60%
  • Provide proper drainage away from building foundations
  • Keep gutters and drains clear of debris
  • Inspect roofs, windows and other areas where water might enter the building
  • Respond to all water intrusions immediately
  • Contact SERVPRO of N. Vista/ San Marcos for assistance after a water damage or if you discover mold

Our 24 hour emergency line is ready for your call (760)758-3454

Completely Dry

When there's a flood the water finds its way into all the cracks and underneath the flooring. It's always important to pull the flooring up and dry it out completely so there is no room for mold to grow.

Contain Your Work!

We use containments often to keep a disaster from traveling to the next room. When we have to remediate mold, the containment is important so the mold spores do not spread to the rest of the rooms and home. SERVPRO of N. Vista/ San Marcos does work the right way!