Recent Before & After Photos

Cleaning Ducts

This home had smoke damage after the Lilac Fire. Even though the fire flames were out, homes were left behind with the smell it. You could no longer see the fla... READ MORE

Flood In Commercial Warehouse

In the back of a grocery store warehouse a pipe broke and flooded. It didn't just flood the back area, some of the water got into the main building as well. Th... READ MORE

Church Fire

This is a photo of a fire damage job we had in Fallbrook. Here at SERVPRO of N. Vista/ San Marcos we understand what a horrible experience it is to have a home ... READ MORE

Bedroom Caught Fire

The following before and after series of photos is of a bedroom located in a San Diego residence that had a major fire event. The first photo shows what the be... READ MORE

Molde Remediation Behind Cabinets

A couple living in this apartment noticed a water puddle in their kitchen one morning. This little apartments kitchen looked fine from the front but once we got... READ MORE

Upstair Leaking Down

In this two-story home, a toilet from the second level overflowed. The homeowner caught it early on and tried to soak up some of the water on his own but notice... READ MORE

Slow Kitchen Leak

In this home the dish washer had been leaking for a while. It started growing mold because the homeowner did not notice the leak right away. Had he caught it ri... READ MORE


This home had a HVAC leak. This homeowners had a clogged condensation drain pipe. The drain pan overflowed and caused a leak. The drain pipe could have become c... READ MORE

Leaking Toilet

A flood started in this home from a toilet line breaking. A couple had their home remodeled and installed a new toilet. Litte did they know it was installed imp... READ MORE

Don't Let Mold Take Over Your Space

This San Diego family discovered extensive microbial growth in their garage, thanks to a leak in their water heater that went undetected for an unknown amount o... READ MORE